I could’ve sworn this shirt existed, but I can’t find it. Not sure if hallucination or not… (Seriously though, if someone knows if this is actually a shirt, could you point me to it) lol Think I wanna do a bunch of these (or really just Trunks and Vegeta next…maybe Piccolo) for shirts or bags. What do y’all think? Ya like it? Tried to make sure it was something that would look good on black or white tees (might need to tweak the blue just a smidge…).

This is such an easy design to replicate so I don’t really care about the itty bitty not-so-effective watermark I put on it because anyone who really wanted to copy this could do it regardless, but yanno, if people make their own shirts this image, I’d still like people to know where it came from. lol

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I’ve recently gotten a few new followers so I thought now would be a good time to ask. What kind of stuff do you guys like me posting? I’m still going to post as I have been, but I want to post more of your tastes since you all are nice enough to follow me. -w-

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worth every second

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If you like this list of life hacks, follow ListOfLifeHacks for more like it!

Microwave Snacks You Can Make In A Mug Part 1 Here

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Elite Four Sidney
This member of the Elite Four is known for his chill attitude and sense of fashion. Sidney loves Pokémon battling, caring little whether he wins or loses. Sidney uses Dark-type Pokémon, including the Grass- and Dark-type Shiftry. 

I feel like he should be trying to sell me a Shamwow

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Settled on this for my cover photo instead. Cleaned up some of the bumpy areas, but it’s still irritating me. Would be so much easier if my mouse hadn’t gave up the ghost… I wish shiny Delibird was blue instead of that fuschia and off-white color scheme. I’d have a whole team of em. (ω)

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"Neither Snow Warning nor Rain Dance nor Drought nor gloom of Night Shade stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." —- Johto-Kanto Postal Service

I call myself the awkward delibird, but am lacking in actual delibirds on my blog. Lemme fix that. lol I made a few versions of this logo. Still deciding which I like better. Needs a little cleaning up too. I think I’ll use this one for the moment.

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Miss Africa USA 2014 contestants

" The Miss Africa USA Pageant is grooming a new generation of African women leaders to impact their communities in Africa, America and the rest of the world.

The Pageant enables  African  girls in America to shine the spotlight on Africa, tell their stories to the world,  inspire one another, build self esteem, and feel beautiful inside and out. This pageant is like no other, the delegates are very intelligent young women from some of the most respected educational institutions in North America, with careers spanning from the Sciences to the Arts, some in Medical School or Pharmacy School, others are upcoming Journalists or Human Rights Activists and more. “

To vote and find out more visit:

my people are fine as fuuck

YES, they ARE!



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People think that the Hetalia fandom is dying. But anytime there is a holiday, an international event, a major sports event- we arise. Like relatives who visit on Christmas

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Some days you feel super cute…then you look back and think you’d be better suited as a rutabaga.

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